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We are an international e-commerce company originally based in HK where our offices are located.

For the moment, we have warehouses located in many countries. Products will be sent from the warehouses.


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 1. What’s difference between mechanical and quartz watches

The biggest distinction between mechanical and quartz watches is the use of a battery. Quartz watches are powered by a battery and mechanical watches are powered by gears and springs. You’ll notice that the second hand on a mechanical watch has almost continuous motion while the second hand of a quartz watch ticks once per second. 


2. Do quartz watches need to be serviced?

No. Quartz watch movements do not need nearly as much maintenance as mechanical ones do. That's because they have far fewer moving parts -just the gears that move the hands. ... All that most quartz watches really require is that when the case is opened for a batter change, it be cleaned of accumulated dirt.


 3. How often should I wind my Automatic watch?

Automatic watches, if worn at least 8 to 10 hours each day, will keep running indefinitely, if the movement is efficient, well lubricated. If your arm's movement is not sufficient, maybe because of your lifestyle, you may have to manually wind it (twice a week should be enough) to wind the mainspring fully.


 4. Does automatic watch stop when not in use?

Automatic watches are charged by movement. These watches do not contain batteries.If an automatic watch is fully charged and then not moved, it will run out of charge and stop in around 24 hours. When an automatic watch stops completely after running out of charge, it should be 'initiated' by winding it manually.


5. Do automatic watches lose time?

The most likely reason that your automatic watch is losing time is because it does not have the amount of power necessary to keep running accurately. The cause of this is probably because the watch is not worn enough. An automatic watch is wound by movement.


6. Are your watches waterproof?

The waterproof grade of our most watches is 30M, that does not mean you could put your watch under water 30 meters deep. It is just the most basic waterproof grade.

It can only prevent damage from occasional splash and little rain, please try to keep your beloved watch dry so that it can be incompany with you for longer time


 *Kind reminder:

1.  Any waterproof watch should avoid being contacted with hot water, steam (such as hot water bath, sauna, etc.);

2. Try to avoid using watches in the environment with a large temperature change, temperature difference will result the condensation of the water contained in the air inside the watch , so as to cause water inflow and water fog inside the watch.

If there is fog in the watch, please go to a professional watch maintenance department for cleaning and maintenance;

3 The watch is a precision instrument, please take good care of it.Good using habits can make your beloved watch live longer, bad habits will make the life of your beloved watch shorter.

If you have any unclear about any type of our products, please contact our customer service team coolefyshopping@gmail.com to get a professional answer.


  • Orders

If you need to change or cancel your order, please contact us via mail immediately. Once our warehouse has processed your order, we will be unable to make any changes.

Please make sure provide the correct shipping address. We will not take responsibility  for items shipped to incorrect addresses provided by the buyer. In such cases, the buyer will be responsible for any additional shipping fees incurred to ship to the correct address..


  • Coupons & Points

 If you get coupons from us, you can fill in the corresponding blank and click "apply" to use it at the checkout page.

The coupon value will be deducted after you click "continue checkout". We would like to remind you that one coupon code can be used ONLY ONCE for one account.

 If you have met any problem when using coupons,  just feel free to contact our customer service. 


  • Payment

 We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal for payment. You can shop in our store with no worries. Get in touch with us if you have any problem of payment.


  • Shipping & Delivery

 1. What countries or regions do you ship to?

 We could ship our products to many countries and territories worldwide.

They are Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, HongKong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States.


 2. When will my order ship

We strive to arrange shipment within 2 days after receiving your order.

You will receive a shipping confirmation with logistics tracking number once it is shipped out.


 3. When i will receive my order

It will take around 6-12 days for the helmet to arrive at you from the date we arranged shipping.

If you have not received your order after receiving tracking number for over 12 days, please try to check the status on https://www.trackingmore.com/ firstly, we will be glad to assist you if you need any help from us.


4. Why was my order shipped separately?

We will send your order as soon as possible to ensure you get the order earlier. So your order might be shipped separately from our different warehouses based on stock.

Or when your products exceeds a certain quantity, we will ship them separately to ensure that you will get the whole order safely.


  • Returns & Refunds

 1. What is your Return Policy?

 The buyer shall, within 15 days from the date of signing for receipt of the goods (the date you received your package) initiate the application for after-sales return and replacement.

 Please contact us, describing the REASON, and our customer service will give you a satisfied response.


 Return Policy.

Complete outer packing, accessories, tags, etc. when the goods are received; If the purchase of goods affects the secondary sales, artificial damage or dis-assembly of the sign will not be returned or replaced; All reserved or customized special sizes are not refundable;

The buyer shall bear the postage for returning the goods.


2. How do I return an item?   

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may request a return within 15 days after receiving your package.

Please send an email to coolefyshopping@gmail.com and tell us your order number as well as return reason.It is better to show us the photos to allow us to understand the situation well.

Once getting the return address and instructions, please pack your items carefully and send your return package using a traceable carrier.

Send your return tracking number or a picture of return receipt to our customer service team.

We will process the return or exchange as soon as we receive your package.


3. Who is responsible for return postage?

The return fee is paid by the buyer, because the return fee is charged by the logistics company.


4. How long does it take for the refund to be processed?

After we have received your return package, we will initiate the refund process for you within 24 hours.

If you paid for the order with your PayPal account directly, the refund will be back into the account which you used to pay immediately once processed, while it will take about 30 days to receive the refund if you paid with a credit card through PayPal , depending on the bank processing time.

If you paid the order in other payment way, the refund will be back into the account which you used to pay for the order within 7-15 working days, depending on the bank processing time.

Once your refund is issued by us, you will receive a confirmation email. Please remember to check your account in the due time.



 Customer Services

Have a question we didn't answer? Do not worry!

Please contact us via  coolefyshopping@gmail.com  , our customer service team will reply to you within 24 hours in working days.

If you are satisfied with our products and customer service, do not hesitate, share it with your friends!